Thursday, August 4, 2016

July 29 2016: Last full day to close up and Oksanna flies out

Jeff had washed down and emptied the crane truck yesterday and I cleaned out the cabs and washed down ol' Red and the blue four-wheeler (which I left for Roy). Sarah Y followed on the four-wheeler as we took the the trucks to Eddie's hangar. It was only later that I learned that Jeff hadn't washed the underside of the crane truck, something that I think is important for the sake of anyone crawling under the truck to do some work. So that returned to the list for today.

Other items still on the list for today:
- Pack up all the food remaining in the cabins. Winter-proof the food and take an inventory, while also starting a list for next year.
- Mouse-proof the cabins (food, buckets, containers, pellet-shaped food).
- Scour to find any tools, ladders, or anything else left out, especially if it will help someone get in that doesn't belong there.
- Make sure all lines are in - sitting out all winter will weaken them.
- Take anything up or down the stairs that we don't want to wrestle down the cliff because Bray is on his way.
- Bray called a little before the morning high tide to let me know he was on his way to lift the stairs. I made a dash for the truck parked at the turnaround so we could get the long lines out of the white truck and up the cliff while we still had stairs. We saved out a good-sized length of line to help us up and down the cliff. Tomorrow, we'll put it in the back of the truck so we can use it to pull down the stairs next year.
- Get out the capstan winch so we can use it to position the stairs after Bray uses the Gehl to lift it. That went well - now put it all away, ropes and all.

Oksanna flew out today in the middle of the day, but her first stop was just South Naknek, so it was easy to get her to the airport. We timed it so we were in town anyway, finishing up those tasks.

- Make sure the beach gang is aware of all the things that need to go on the southbound barge. This year, that's 9 bags of 25 fathom lines, one big cardboard tote (with empty propane, empty clear crates (to bring eggs north in next year), two guitars (one is Phil's), my waders for repair with Simms and my life jacket for repair with Stormy Seas, and finally - at the very last minute - the yellow backpack Ben gave me, full of some perishables and some laundry. We'll see how that works out) and one outboard crate with the New Kid's Honda and an outboard stand with two Yamahas.
- Bring back the crane truck and wash its underside; return to Eddie.
- Clean the Carry and leave it with Roy. (He checked the rear gear box and found no water. Yay!)
Still to do: - Put the power tools in the loft of my cabin. But keep out the de Walt power drill and spare batteries so I can leave them with Roy to charge for next year.
- Bring in the generators and any gas or other fuel lying about.
- At the very last moment, bring in the propane from the cabins that are now empty. We were surprised to find the bunkhouse's propane still outside and hooked up. Whoops!
- Collect headlamps as they are uncovered with the disappearing piles of stuff. Remove batteries!
- Pull food out of all bags and boxes and other storage places so we don't have to face it in 10 months.
- Put away common clothing (or it will stay where it is all next season).
- Keep washing dishes.
- Cover pots, pans, cupboards, dishes - anything we don't want to have to wash in the early crush of opening up.
- Arrange with Eddie to pick up the white truck from the airport so Jeff can just drive it up and leave it there.
- I have to pull into my porch for the winter the containers, crates, wagons, wheelbarrows, hand trucks, garbage cans, ladders, grill, was there anything else?
- Fix the padlock hasp on the bunkhouse door. It was torn off in the frenzy to open it in June and I'm not sure where the padlock itself went. Luckily we had a spare. Maybe Matt will remember?
- Whoops! I was going to go over the outboards with John at Charlie's Sports Shop and now there might not be time to do it.
- Board up everything we can, leaving as little as possible for tomorrow. I'm due to leave on the 11:50 with two dogs, two boxes of fish, a hand carry, and a personal item (NOT a ham); Jeff will leave at 6. He's the guy with the ham-carry. The Ambi still needs to be winterized and covered, the battery given to Roy, the fuel tank put away, labeled, and the outboard and anything that might degrade in the weather, covered well.

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