Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2, Day 3

I've already started to become confused about what day of the week it is. It always happens, but it usually doesn't happen in the first couple of days.

I unpacked (yay!) The cabin cleaning continues. The floor under the sink counter and under the bunk has been mopped and it's a different cabin! And as I write this, I'm looking at the counter directly under the sink AND the floor under that. I'm not sure I could stop myself from pulling out that overflowing shelf of stuff and imposing some order.

Here is the inside of the cabin, looking west. I took this photo at about 9:30 PM. This is the sink counter. All the way on the left is the water jug for drinking water that we get from town. I try to stock up at the end of the season so that we can drink last season's water as far as possible into the next season. The reason for that is to allow as much water as possible to pass through the pipes at AGS, clearing out whatever might have moved into the pipes over the winter. The supply we have should last for a couple more weeks. People often talk about "Bristol Bay Belly," but that is something we haven't suffered down here and I think that, for all my talk of low standards, they are high enough where it counts. Like the quality of our drinking water.

We pour that water into the Brita filter that lives on the counter. Behind the Brita are my dry staples, like sugar, flour, and so on. Traveling left you'll see the drain rack - I did dishes this morning! Then the sink. It drains out over the cliff, but note that there isn't a faucet. That's because we haul our washing water from the rain barrels outside in buckets and we heat it up on the stove.

Under the sink to the left is the blue basket with an assortment of batteries...for everything: flashlights, headlamps, clocks, buoy lights, radio, smoke detector. Then there's the glove crate, bug spray, garbage bags (including all the bags that had been covering plates and utensils over the winter). Next are the pans for heating water, then the tubs for washing and rinsing dishes. What was on the floor underneath?

In addition to this crate of mending materials, I've pulled out the tool box, the boat food box, and the light and headlamp crate. Still some work ahead of me... but I may not need to do this again for another 10 or 30 years.

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